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This Calculator Will Predict How Many Healthy Years of Life You Have Left



Common sense tells us that aging is just a simple fact of life. But how we choose to spend our years in the meantime could be totally in our control, scientists say.

Knowing this, a team at the Goldenson Center for Actuarial Research has developed a way to predict our quality of life. Using metrics like age, weight, frequency of exercise, and average hours of sleep a night, the researchers can measure exactly how many healthy years of life each of us can look forward to. (And these are the ages that you’ll be the best at everything, according to science.)

First, the calculator will ask for characteristics such as your age, weight, height, level of education and income, alcohol and smoking habits, how often you exercise, and how long you sleep.

Then, the researchers’ algorithm calculates three main results: healthy life expectancy, unhealthy life expectancy, and overall life expectancy. While your healthy life expectancy reveals how many years you’ll spend with a high quality of life, your unhealthy life expectancy tallies the years you could spend in a “state of disablement” in which “there is no recovery.” Your overall life expectancy combines both the healthy and unhealthy years.

Want to know your own estimate of healthy years ahead? Check out the free online tool here.

Of course, this method won’t account for unpredictable events like car accidents, the researchers say. But it can help you arrange your retirement savings and other end-of-life plans accordingly. If you’re not satisfied with your own healthy life expectancy, scientists say these 50 habits can help you live longer.

[Source: The Conversation]


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