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The Off-Duty Chef: Mimi Cheng’s Sisters



What’s the last thing you Googled?

“Best places to eat in South Africa.”

If you could cook dinner for any five people, who would you choose?

“Tina Fey, John Legend, Serena Williams, Alice Waters, and Julia Child.”


What’s one dish you’d be happy to never make again?

“Sous vide pulled pork. Hand-pulling huge amounts of pork over and over again is very time-consuming and physically hard work.”

Where do you eat on your nights off?

Pasquale Jones, Lilia, Sweetgreen, 4 Charles Prime Rib, Union Square Café, Pylos.”


Aka the three things you’ll always find in their kitchen.


Organic lemons:

“I add one to my water every morning — and they brighten just about any dish.”


“Everything tastes better with sautéed garlic.”


“It’s great for your gut, tastes good as a side dish, and you can make an easy meal out of kimchi fried rice in a pinch. “


Pasture-raised eggs:

“I love love love eggs, and I need a hearty breakfast to start the day. Truthfully, I could eat them for any meal.”

Mimi Cheng’s garlic chili oil:

“I grew up eating very spicy food, so I always need something to kick up the heat on dishes.”


“It’s basically a meal-in-one.”


  • Vegetable Stew with Dill Rice

    Vegetable Stew with Dill Rice

    This stew and dill rice is a nod to Hannah Cheng’s recent trip to Greece. It’s fresh, bright, healthy, and easy and we think it’d be just as delish with other herbs like chives, parsley, cilantro or basil.


  • Farmers’ Market Frittata

    Farmers’ Market Frittata

    This versatile dish works for any occasion. We love it as a way to use up leftover veggies from the farmers’ market. (There’s pretty much no bad combo of peak season produce, herbs, and eggs.)



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