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Sex Ed for Grown-Ups & 14 Other Things We’re Talking About Now


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    Sex Ed for Grown-Ups & 14 Other Things We're Talking About Now


    “I just moved here from London and discovered The Cheese Store of Silverlake, which is conveniently located next to my go-to coffee spot, Intelligentsia over in Sunset Junction. The shelves are packed with all these different kinds of mustard and salt, preserves, oils, and other condiments—basically everything you need to pull together a decent cheese board. The little taster bowls of extra virgin olive oil and hunks of what is arguably the best sourdough in LA are the real draw. I never leave the shop without a baguette, or an obscure spice rub that I definitely don’t need, but had to have.”
    —Rachael McKeon, editor

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    Sex Ed for Grown-Ups & 14 Other Things We're Talking About Now


    “I’m always on the hunt for affordable (and gender-neutral) wall art to spruce up my space. I’ve been obsessed with Block Shop Textiles for years—they practice traditional hand block printing and invest 5 percent of profits to build and implement community healthcare programs in India, where the textiles are made. They’ve recently launched a line of prints, which are just as pretty as their scarves and linens.”
    —Jasmin Perez, creative director of social media

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    Sex Ed for Grown-Ups & 14 Other Things We're Talking About Now


    “I look forward to a new episode of the Lady Lovin’ podcast every Monday. Based in New York, Jilly Hendrix, Greta Titleman, and Lo Bosworth are hilarious, super relatable, and have created a totally judgement-free zone so it feels like you’re just hanging out with your friends. The emphasis is on inspiring women and promoting self confidence as they interview a mix of female entrepreneurs, comedians, and activists. They’re totally unafraid to answer all the questions you’ve had in your head but have never really asked out loud.”
    —Jenna Kronenberg, goop Label coordinator

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    “I have followed Laurel Gallucci and Claire Thomas of Sweet Laurel for years and can’t get enough of their paleo treats. Their grain-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free baked goods are insanely good. This raw vegan caramel is sinfully addictive and has become my go-to dessert topper—and hostess gift.”
    —Jacqueline Schulze, associate director, communications

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    Sex Ed for Grown-Ups & 14 Other Things We're Talking About Now


    “There is something so otherworldly about director Wes Anderson’s films that it’s almost hard to believe the beautiful spaces could exist in the real world, but @accidentallywesanderson captures Wes-like spaces with the filmmaker’s signature faded grandeur and slightly off-kilter palette and shares them with the world.”
    —Margaux Anbouba, assistant editor

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    Sex Ed for Grown-Ups & 14 Other Things We're Talking About Now


    “A coming-of-age romance that somehow avoids the clichés of both genres, this is one of those brilliant, quiet movies that’ll wash over you and stay with you for days. Named for the southern Indiana city that has an incredible amount of modernist architecture—including structures from Eliel Saarinen, I. M. Pei, and Richard Meier—actress Haley Lu Richardson plays unofficial tour guide to out-of-towner Jin (John Cho), and the two form an unlikely bond. Confident and visually stunning, it’s hard to believe it’s director Kogonada’s feature debut—try to catch it in theaters, if it’s screening where you are.” —Jessie Geoffray, assistant editor
    Columbus is available on iTunes now.

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    Vintner’s Daughter
    goop, $185


    “Just when I thought I tried every type of product on the market, in walked face oil. After trying Vintners Daughter at goop MRKT, three days in a row, I fell hard and fast. I put it on before getting on the plane (trust)—and I’m using it as the weather gets cooler in New York to prolong my summer glow as long as possible.”
    —Tracy Eisenman, director of partnerships & sales

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    Sex Ed for Grown-Ups & 14 Other Things We're Talking About Now


    “I’m becoming my mother in that I find myself dismissing many restaurant meals with a disparaging:
    ‘It was fine…but I could make it better.’ But no kitchen creation of mine could/will ever rival the impossibly delectable, inimitable flavors, and unexpected flourishes of NYC French restaurant Le Coucou’s menu. I’ve ordered the halibut each of the three times I’ve been, and I’m scared to not get it because to not get it would be to blow it. It’s insane: a meaty fillet immersed in a light-yet-rhapsodically creamy sauce. A bite is moan-eliciting perfection: Somehow, it’s all at once buttery, wholesome, savory, and umami-inflected. If I could afford it, I’d be there weekly.”
    —Megan O’Neill, senior beauty editor

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    SWEATSHIRTWhitney Museum Shop, $125


    “The fall tends to make me homesick for New York and the flurry of new exhibitions that come through the museums and galleries. Inspired by the Whitney‘s “An Incomplete History of Protest” exhibit, Lingua Franca and Stateside teamed up on a small capsule collection of sweatshirts with inspiring phrases like ‘Give a Damn’ and ‘Solidarity.’ Better yet, 100 percent of the proceeds go to supporting the Whitney’s programming.”
    —Nandita Khanna, editorial director

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    Jimi Hendrix
    “Are You Experienced?”Amazon, from $50


    “The older I get, the more I channel my dad—he’s an an avid collector of vintage goods and records (3,000 and counting)…a true music fanatic like myself! This Jimi Hendrix record is everything. Songs that withstand time…“The Wind Cries Mary” on a forever repeat!”
    —Tracy Kim, graphic designer

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    Sex Ed for Grown-Ups & 14 Other Things We're Talking About Now


    “The late ’70s /early ’80s is my favorite era, so The Slipper Clutch in downtown LA is right up my alley: There’s a secret entrance, inexpensive (yet delicious) highball drinks alongside 8-ounce mini-bottles of Miller High Life, old-school pinball machines, and a killer rock and roll playlist. You really can’t go wrong with classics like Bowie, bourbon, and beer.”
    —Harrison Edwards, Digital Marketing Manager

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    Sex Ed for Grown-Ups & 14 Other Things We're Talking About Now


    “This fall I went on a girls trip to Austin, where we were left totally enamored by the brunch we had at Josephine House. Set in a cottage, this cozy dining setting was the ultimate Sunday morning experience. Hands down, the Nutella morning bun was my favorite, but the huevos rancheros was a close second.”
    —Lily Coleman, director of site merchandising

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    ALISON ROMANAmazon, $20


    I’m loving Alison Roman’s “Dining In”—a new cookbook full of bright, colorful photographs and drool-worthy yet decidedly unfussy food. Roman, who started her career as a pastry chef and worked for several years as a food editor at Bon Appétit, writes in a style that’s simultaneously informative (she’s giving you all the tips you need to succeed) and super approachable (she encourages you to make substitutions and play around with ratios to suit your taste). It’s an all-too-rare combination that helps new cooks gain confidence and already good cooks become great ones.”
    —Thea Baumann, Food Editor

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    Sex Ed for Grown-Ups & 14 Other Things We're Talking About Now

    Photo: Morgan Pansin

    SEX ED

    Last week, I took doula Erica Chidi Cohen’s “Roadmap” class at LOOM, her new home base in LA for women and families. (PSA: I’m not a mom, pregnant, or trying.) In a couple of hours, I learned more about the menstrual cycle and reproductive health than years of sex ed and Google searches (and I left feeling good about it). Sessions with Erica should be mandatory for body, sex, and overall wellness positivity—plus she’s just so cool. (If you do happen to be a mom-in-training and can’t catch Erica in person, check out her book, Nurture.)
    —Kiki Koroshetz, editor

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    Sex Ed for Grown-Ups & 14 Other Things We're Talking About Now


    “I’m obsessed with the CACI facial at Carasoin in West Hollywood. The founder, Lena Bratschi, grew up in Switzerland and is something of an anti-aging expert. I actually feel ten years younger every time I pay her a visit.”
    —Erica Moore, CFO


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